8 Jul 20

The future of office space post Covid-19 – watch our webinar


From company culture, health and furniture requirements, these are the type of things businesses need to think of for their employees, whether in the office or working from home.

Having spent the last few months working remotely, the question on everyone’s mind is; will traditional office spaces still exist in the future? Co-working spaces and flexible work-terms were already growing as a trend in South Africa, but will this become the new norm and necessary for the future? We want to know how the corporate world will adapt to life post Covid-19 and find out what the new work trends will be.  We chatted to a mix of commercial property leaders and innovators from within this space to offer an in-depth understanding of the future of office spaces.

We answered questions like: 

What is the future of the office space?

How does this affect the way in which office landlords think in future?

How sustainable do you think remote working is?

What innovations will occur within the workspace in future?

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