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“We pride ourselves on a turn-key approach to property development marketing and on the proven success of our clients"

– Stefan Botha, Director of Rainmaker Marketing

Welcome To Rainmaker Marketing

South Africa’s leading property development marketing agency.

Rainmaker Marketing has defined itself as the leading experts in property development marketing with our strategies having been behind some of the largest developments in Southern Africa. Backed by a team of in-house experts, Rainmaker Marketing continues to break the barriers in property marketing.

Our in-house solution covers departments such as market research, design, public relations, social media, digital, production and sales administration and provides a full turn-key offering linked to an unsurpassed knowledge of property development marketing.

Through our strong work ethic, refined skills and creativity, Rainmaker Marketing continues to be at the forefront of property marketing.

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- Simone Scott

In Review

R 1,45 bil

The sales that our clients achieved

R 41,2 mil

The free media exposure that we achieved for our clients.

10 450 066

Number of individuals reached through social media

905 850

Total website visitors generated for our clients.

"Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points."

– Jonah Sachs

Project Showcase

Illustrating our uniquely tailored marketing

Each project presents the opportunity for us to get creative, resourceful, and strategic. We understand that our clients all have very different needs, goals and product offerings. That’s why we tailor each project to ensure it has our personal touch.

Our Process

The systems we’ve put in place so that every project gets our best

1. Market Research

Using our resources we extensively research every bit of information that will make the project at hand relevant and current.

2. Presenting marketing plan and budget

Not all budgets are the same.
A budget will be set out according to the client’s objectives and targets.

3. Our team meets yours

The Rainmaker Marketing team responsible for the rollout of the project meet with the client to comprehensively understand the product and campaign goals.

4. Marketing campaign rollout

Dates are set, teams are briefed and the marketing campaign commences. Corporate identities, websites and copy are conceptualised and created, as well as media launches planned according to the project strategy.

5. Brand creation and corporate identity

The Rainmaker Marketing team defines your vision through the creation of logos, as well as look and feel.

6. Implementing market launch

Once all marketing collateral is finalised, and ready to go to market, the product is released to the public through an integrated marketing approach; digital, print media, public relations, launch events and exhibitions, to name a few.

7. Comprehensive reporting

At the end of each month, we produce a comprehensive report and analyse to confirm whether we are on track to meet our campaign objectives.

"Marketing's job is never done. It's about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day."

– Beth Comstock

Some of Our Clients

Our holistic approach offers all clients a level playing field and gives each one an individual voice in the property industry.