12 May 20

Property webinar – Property Investing 101

The current climate has emphasised the fact that property is the most secure investment asset class. Factors such as the recent interest rate drops makes it an ideal time to start or grow your property portfolio. We sourced the best property specialists across South Africa and the UK to bring exclusive insight and advice that will provide you with all the tools needed to take that next step in property investment.

Be sure to watch these sections:


1. What is a mortgage originator and what benefit does this service provide the buyer? Watch from 7.41

2. What are interest rates and how do they impact buyers? Watch from 10.20.

3. What is the best entity in which to invest in property? Watch from 20.10

4. What tax incentives are there for investors? Take a look at the video from 22.41

5. What are rental yields? Watch from 29.39

6. The benefits of investing into property early? Watch from 35.25

7. What is capital gains tax? Watch from 55.34


This Property Webinar is essential for first-time buyers and those beginning their investment property journey.

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