22 May 23

KZN Comeback: The Opportunities Far Outweigh the Challenges

Moses Tembe is the Chairman of Bellamont Investments and is also well known as the Co-Chairman of the KZN Growth Coalition. The KZN Growth Coalition has been making a significant difference in the lives of the people of KwaZulu-Natal for the past 10 years. The primary objective over the last decade has been to provide a platform for collaboration between business and government in order to drive investment and growth in the province.

The Holistic Picture

According to Moses, the past events in the province over the last 2 years are important to note. It would be naïve to think KwaZulu-Natal does not face challenges when we see the globalised world and the larger geopolitical and economic shifts taking place on the world stage. Macro effects, in turn impact the micro level and the lives of all the people. The focus for rebuilding is holistic and occurs at all levels, at the top with government and at the bottom working directly with people. It is important to see the whole picture to effect change and in Moses’ expert opinion, the opportunities that KwaZulu-Natal faces far outweighs its challenges.

The Power of Collaboration and Relationships

kwaZulu-Natal Government. City Hall of Durban

Through the relationships the coalition has formed, they have been able to address structural challenges, coming to solutions on resources and responsibilities within a quicker timeframe. The coalition has made a huge difference to bridge the gap between groups within the private sector and government. There is a growing collaborative relationship that businesses can enjoy with the KwaZulu-Natal Government and the municipalities. Moses shares that there is a huge strength in the distinct social compact existing between business, government, civil society, and unions.

Channelling Every Level Involved

A man helping a lady on a project at work

Mature man looking at a digital tablet that a colleague is showing at work

It is important to understand the decisions made at the very top from the presidential level, and the coalition makes it their duty to understand how they will begin to address that issue in the province. Looking at the state of emergency on electricity, we all need to make the effort to understand how we can address the problem, by looking at alternate sources of energy and speaking to environmentalists. There is an opportunity to work more efficiently for everyone in the province to address these top-down issues.

Ongoing Success of our Schools

Student doing an experiment

KwaZulu-Natal is home to the countries best schools and top universities. Education is vital to transforming the lives of the people and keeping the province ahead of the curb. Education increases human development and creates human resources within the province. While we are at the top of this game within KwaZulu-Natal, our goal is to continually transform our human resources and ensure an economic growth trajectory within the province.

Boasting Incredible Infrastructure

Crane on construction site

KwaZulu-Natal has made tremendous strides with the Durban and the Richards Bay Ports. Moses calls the ports the ‘veins of the economy’. An impressive 70% of imports go through the port and are distributed all over the country. This is a huge asset for KwaZulu-Natal and for Sub-Saharan Africa and as a result, we could become a major manufacturing base.

A Gateway to Africa

Durban City

Moses is optimistic about not just infrastructure and business, but also KwaZulu-Natal tourism. Nothing can beat the region’s wonderful weather, stunning topography, and friendly people. This trifecta makes it an ideal tourist destination. Moses sees great potential for the property development sector in particular, as it can create job opportunities and foster economic growth. This is where KwaZulu-Natal’s pockets of excellence really shines as it will also generate employment opportunities and allow our people to thrive. The coalition is working to bring catalytic projects forward now.

KwaZulu-Natal has managed to give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the province. Moses has personally had the privilege to contribute to the economic betterment of the province. He has spent a considerable amount of time in the townships in and around KwaZulu-Natal, not necessarily doing work that pays his bills, but adding value to people’s lives. This type of  experience is amazing and extraordinary, and Moses wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

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