12 Apr 23

KZN Comeback: The people are what set KZN apart

Hamish Erskine, Chief Executive at Dube TradePort Corporation, is among the highly influential individuals in the province who has added his voice to the KZN Comeback campaign series and highlighted the good happening in the province at the moment. Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone is a world-class commercial and light industrial precinct offering globally integrated logistics, manufacturing infrastructure and support for a range of airport related activities.

It’s one of the many areas of excellence as it includes cargo operations, warehousing, agricultural growing, processing and cold storage as well as commercial real estate for offices, retail and the hospitality industries. What makes Hamish passionate about KwaZulu-Natal is seeing the potential of something working.

The old starts to renew

KwaZulu-Natal has the raw ingredients, the potential and the opportunity. We have seen Morningside, Berea, reinvent itself from traditionally being known as the older part of Durban and home to older institutions. It’s created a whole new vision for itself and its citizens that is very inclusive.

Then you look at an area like Umhlanga that is known for being exclusive, and has more recently transformed into a vibrant space that is attracting international visitors. While Florida Road in Durban offers a complementary experience, featuring exceptional spaces that are so diverse in their offering.


Hamish says this is a province with a rich history of producing diverse and remarkable individuals who have excelled on national and global stages. This is because of the intensity in the people of the province, who have been nurtured by incredible institutions, including schools, universities, and businesses.

The key to unlocking KwaZulu-Natal’s potential for economic growth lies in creating an environment that nurtures skills and leadership, having a competitive advantage with strengthened economic sectors, and providing inclusive investment opportunities.

Skills and leadership

woman placing sticky notes on wall

The institutions that have contributed to producing exceptional individuals in the past are strengthening to create a space where skills can flourish. Hamish explains how the quality of schooling and university institutions in KwaZulu-Natal has been a contributing factor to the success of individuals from the province. Supporting these institutions by providing resources and opportunities for growth can only lead to more outstanding individuals in the future.

Competitive advantages

man in gray hoodie and black pants holding brown cardboard box

KwaZulu-Natal has strong agricultural sector and manufacturing sectors, which have competitive advantages that need to be funded to create the right environment for them to grow and be nurtured. To fully benefit from the province’s competitive advantages, the infrastructure is being enhanced, with the skill force required to take these sectors to the next level.

In a nutshell

KwaZulu-Natal has the raw ingredients and the potential to become a globally attractive place by creating an environment that reinvents itself, offers diverse experiences and nurtures its strengths in education and the economy.

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