6 Sep 23

Women in Property: Webinar recap

In celebration of Women’s Month, Rainmaker Marketing orchestrated an insightful webinar that shed light on the ever-evolving landscape of women in property ownership and within the property sector. Guided by Rainmaker Marketing’s Director, Stefan Botha, the webinar featured a panel of remarkable women who are trailblazing their way through the world of property.

On our panel, we were joined by women who are leading industry experts:

  • Pamela Naidu – Director of Sales and Marketing, Devmco Realty
  • Kim Pfaff Karg – Chief Investment Officer, Spear, REIT
  • Sumenthree Moodley – Investor Relations Executive, Liberty Two Degrees
  • Kgaogelo Mamobolo – Emerging African Property Holdings
  • Marianka Victor – CEO and Founder of Ancora Retail

With each panellist bringing a distinct perspective, the event offered insights into various aspects of property ownership, investment, and growth.

Marianka Victor: Turning property visions into reality

Marianka Victor - women in property

“Innovation involves holding on to that bigger picture vision and taking small steps each day to work towards it.” – Marianka Victor, CEO and Founder of Ancora Retail

Marianka Victor imparted her wisdom on how women can transform their property visions into tangible realities. Drawing from her extensive experience in large-scale retail developments, Marianka emphasised the importance of holding onto the bigger picture while taking incremental steps toward achieving them. Her insightful advice highlighted the path from envisioning a project to bringing it to life, a journey where innovation and persistence are key.

Pamela Naidu: The Changing Landscape of Property Ownership

Pamela Naidu - women in property

“Women are leading the market, and there’s an exciting new trend of empowered, decisive women within property ownership.” – Pamela Naidu, Director of Sales and Marketing, Devmco Realty

Pamela Naidu took the stage to discuss the transformation in women’s property ownership behaviour. Leading a team that achieved remarkable record-breaking sales within the residential property sector, Pamela highlighted the seismic shift where women are becoming the driving force behind property purchases. With statistics showcasing a majority of women-only property acquisitions, often exceeding R30 million, Pamela’s insights expanded on the empowered and decisive nature of today’s women in property.

Discover Pamela Naidu’s engaging discussion on women in property ownership by viewing a clip from the webinar here.

Kim Pfaff Karg: Navigating Investments and Disposals

Kim Pfaff Karg - women in property

“Understanding asset classes and knowing when is the best time in your asset’s lifecycle to consider disposing of the asset is key.” – Kim Pfaff Karg, Chief Investment Officer, Spear, REIT

Kim Pfaff Karg brought her wealth of expertise to the webinar. Focusing on the dynamic world of property investments, Kim discussed the art of timing and decision-making in the industry. Her insights spanned various sectors, from retail to industrial and commercial transactions. With an emphasis on understanding asset classes and capitalising on opportunities in the asset lifecycle, Kim’s guidance offered invaluable perspectives on strategic property management.

Sumenthree Moodley: Building Successful Property Portfolios

Sumenthree Moodley - women in property

“Start now. Collaboration and networking are the cornerstone to a successful project.” – Sumenthree Moodley, Investor Relations Executive, Liberty Two Degrees

Sumenthree Moodley, explored the art of building a successful property portfolio. Leveraging her expertise in investor relations, Sumenthree offered a case-by-case approach to achieving long-term growth. As a panellist, she discussed the upward trajectory of women in property ownership and the sector as a whole. Her advice emphasised the importance of starting now and using networking as a cornerstone for success.

Kgaogelo Mamobolo: Upskilling in the Property Sector

“Collaboration and networking allow you to achieve far more than on your own. There’s always a friendly face out there to help you achieve your goal.” – Kgaogelo Mamobolo, Emerging African Property Holdings

Kgaogelo Mamobolo shared her journey and insights on how to ‘upskill’ within the property sector. As a panellist on the ‘Women in Property’ webinar, Kgaogelo emphasised the power of collaboration and networking as pathways to success. She encouraged perseverance in the face of challenges and highlighted the friendly faces in the industry willing to provide guidance. Her motivating words resonated with aspiring women in the field.

Our key takeout from The Women in Property Webinar

Collaborate, network, start! Whatever your property vision is, from owning a home to developing land or hedging your money in a Real Estate Investment Trust, start your journey by asking the right questions to the right people. Start small and your knowledge will build over time.

Property resources shared by the panel:

Advice on bonds

One of the key financing methods is to obtain a bond to purchase property. Many are wary of owing such a large amount, but there is such a thing as good debt, which the panel discussed as a valuable asset to have within the property sector.

The discussion touched on the concept of leveraging good debt for property investment. This debt provides an avenue to leverage property values and engage in calculated investments, contributing to long-term financial growth.

Advice on interest rates

With the interest rate going through a series of highs, the panel discussed when is a good time to invest and whether it is dependent on interest rates. Pamela Naidu’s advice was to look at your project holistically. In the last few years, Devmco Realty has seen a record volume of sales despite rising interest rates. This shows that the value of the land and the project essentially comes first. There are so many costs that come with property and by doing your homework and being aware of them, the peaks and falls of the interest rate is not the deciding factor on whether you should purchase or not.

Rainmaker Marketing’s ‘Women in Property’ webinar stands as a testament to the strength, knowledge, and dynamism of women within the property sector. With a range of perspectives and experiences, these trailblazing women showcased the boundless potential within the industry.

To access the full spectrum of these remarkable conversations, click here to watch the entire webinar. Rainmaker Marketing celebrates the women shaping the future of property, and this webinar was a resounding tribute to our endeavours.

Watch the full Women in Property webinar here

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