22 Apr 20

PropTech services Rainmaker Marketing provides

Technology is changing the way we engage with one another and making traditional tasks now a lot more efficient, faster and easier. Through innovation and our changing needs, technology is presenting a new way the property industry can function.

Understanding PropTech
2020 is a massive year for Property Technology as there is a growing need and funding to create PropTech solutions that will help overcome some of the challenges the property industry experiences. The need for apps and technologies to customise experiences and processes is on the rise, everything from capitalising on big data, augmented and virtual reality, to interactive maps.

The first of many
Rainmaker Marketing has always pioneered PropTech in many ways in South Africa. As a team pushing the boundaries, Rainmaker Marketing has read trends and further listened to the new-age needs customers and developers have. One of these innovations include making the purchasing process seamless and effortless, through online launches where customers can purchase their units from the comfort of their own home. Rainmaker Marketing was the first marketing agency to make this a possibility in South Africa, through their online sales launches for developments within Umhlanga and Sandton. Developers have the choice of taking the entire sales process online by having their development sold through their own websites, with virtual 3D walkthroughs, videos and interactive modules and maps custom-made to giving potential purchasers all the tools they need to make an informed decision. Furthermore, developers and sales agents have access to tools like a GPS development map for site visits to give the purchaser a clear understanding of the layout of the development and a conceptual understanding.

Life after COVID-19
The general consensus is that many South Africans do not trust digital tools for a multitude of reasons, however, post the National Lockdown we predict a massive rise in individuals adopting different technologies to help streamline their daily activities. While site visits are ideal, the digital space gives potential purchasers the opportunity to explore a development whenever and wherever; there are no boundaries or time limitations. The property market will be adopting digital tools to ensure there is no break in communication and sales process.


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