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Innovative Solutions

Rainmaker Marketing is a leading property development marketing agency in Africa. We introduced the first online property launch within Southern Africa and pioneered the integration of online property buying with legal processes and visualisation tools. As a result, we fully integrate e-commerce platforms for property developers and various leisure and hospitality retailers. Rainmaker Marketing is renowned for providing the most integrated property visualisation modules in Africa, which have facilitated over R6 billion in off-plan development sales. Our aim is to continuously innovate and lead property marketing; contact us to learn more about our services and see how you can maximise your property marketing.

Interactive development Software

Our Modules will showcase interactive maps that incorporate renders, drone views, geographical references, as well as images of the exterior of buildings and spaces, floor plans, interior designs and views from gardens and balconies. Your clients will be able to easily understand the holistic plan for the entire estate and see how each home sits in relation to the facilities and neighbours.

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14Online Shops

Make your development even easier to purchase with our online shop solution. Cut out the third-party elements and feature an online shop solely dedicated to your development from your website. This solution allows your clients to explore details of the unit, pay their deposit through a secure environment and reserve their preferred unit from the comfort of their own space and at their convenience.

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We have an inhouse team that assist with creating various different videos for our clients, from introduction videos for sales agents, infographic statistic videos, launch videos and presentations.

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123D Walk-throughs

Allow your clients the opportunity to experience your product from the comfort of their own space. The 3D Walk-through provides a virtual tour, from the eyes of a potential buyer taking a tour of an apartment, from entering the front door, understanding the flow of the unit to exploring each room individually and seeing the different views.

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13GPS development mapping

Using virtual tracking through Google Maps, your clients will be able to see a live feed of where they are driving within the estate. This is especially useful to help clients understand where they stand in relation to the gatehouse, site numbers, facilities and their potential neighbours.

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