Positive sentiments for the property market

27 February 2020, Thursday

In the next few days we will see South Africans absorbing and understanding what the Budget Speech means to them. Despite the expected growth being slow, it is evident that the government is taking strategic …

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Is the budget fit for property growth?

26 February 2020, Wednesday

The Budget Speech, which will be presented by the Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni on Wednesday, 26 February, holds huge consequences for the public, businesses and industries across the board. This speech will give investors …

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Property market capitalises on SONA in 2020 – PRESS RELEASE

17 February 2020, Monday

South Africa was attentively watching the State of the Nation for key answers to the future of South Africa‚Äôs growth. The government, along with the public, are well aware that there are challenges that desperately …

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