20th Annual Mercer Quality of Living Survey results are out

5 March 2018, Monday

Mercer, the world’s largest leading human resources consulting firm, has revealed the results from its annual Quality of Living survey. Looking at 231 cities across the world, the report analyses over 39 different criteria, which include political stability, healthcare, education, crime, recreation and transport. Mercer’s Quality of Living survey offers this comprehensive list to help multinational companies decide on fair compensation for their employees abroad.


World’s number one

Austria’s capital and largest city, Vienna, has been placed as the number one in the world, for the ninth consecutive year. Classified as one of the wealthiest European regions it boasts a Central Railway Station that is home to 1100 trains, a shopping centre and restaurants. This city has adopted a Smart City approach called the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2050 and hopes to establish a long-term and structural plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, Vienna has created one of the largest urban expansion projects within Europe, namely the Seestadt Aspern, which consists of a 5-hectare artificial lake, office and apartment blocks, as well as a tube station.


Mauritius leading in Africa

Ranking at 83rd on the entire list of cities is Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius. This is the highest-ranking city in Africa, and it is to no surprise as Mauritius continues to strive for better results and outrank other African continents. Port Louis is home to the main harbour and also considered the financial hub of Mauritius. They have established effective transport systems, including two major bus stations and a light rail transit system. Although progressive in its approach, the city is home to buildings that reflect the historical colonial diversity.


Durban the best of South Africa’s

KwaZulu-Natal has come across as the ‘dark horse’ over the years, as this city unexpectedly outperforms its counterparts; Johannesburg and Cape Town. Ranking at 89th on the Quality of Living survey, KwaZulu-Natal also ranked 73rd for City Sanitation. Cape Town came in at 94, while Johannesburg saw themselves at 95. It is to no surprise that Durban is ranking so well in South Africa, as it continues to build and develop its infrastructure, the North Coast continues to attract investors from abroad and other regions within South Africa, off plan property developments continue to push the boundaries, and the transport system undergoes improvement and development.

In 2017, our marketing initiatives helped our clients collectively achieve R3.2 billion in sales. We’ve seen captains of industry invest in key, game-changing developments within Durban. As a result, we see this as a positive reflection of KwaZulu-Natal thriving in the property market, as it prevails as a budding city to reside in.

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